Glass Partly Sunny


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Once when I was like 17 I was at the fair near my home town in september. I was at the age everyone in the movies reaches where you know someone working at every place. I guess we always reach that age all the time. When I was 17, i knew people who worked at the fair, so it wasn’t just about riding rides and overpaying for a big photo button, it was more about checking on our friends at their jobs over and over again, to feel cool, or rub their noses in our good time, or whatever.

I had a friend who worked in the ring toss booth. The ring toss was the most impossible of all the games, because the ring was the same size as the bottle neck it had to surround to for the tosser get a prize. Somehow they had multiple sizes of prizes, as if it could get harder. Or easier. One year they had those tiny motorcycles, which i thought was ridiculous. Why would you wanna win that, and then push it around the fair all day? you can’t carry it, it’s a damned motorcycle, and it’s 2 feet tall at the handlebars, so you look retarded all day scooting that dumb free piece of junk around. Of course, everyone who won one tried their best to maintain their bad-ass image that got them the prize in the first place while hunched over pushing it around, sticking their chins out like, “yeah, i won this.” I guess it all goes, though. You look like just as much of a gorilla when you ride it as you do when you win it and push it around the fair grounds all day. “hey man, can you watch my tiny motorcycle for me? I wanna ride the zipper.” Yeah, right. All of this is so not cool. Cool is such a paradox.

This particular year my friend Karen was working in the ringtoss and they had electric scooters. I wanted one, because you didn’t have to push it, and when you did, you could just plug it into the wall and in 8 hours you didn’t have to push it again. Seemed like the kinda prize i’d like, and i’m sure i would love to taxi it around the fair and show all my friends working at other booths and hear them say “you won that?! lucky!” I knew my odds, and have never been one to throw money at something like that, so I waited until the fair was about to close its gates for the night and stole away by myself to Karen’s booth and proposed a deal. If i buy 5 rings, and i throw them all at once into one area of bottles, and you put one on a bottle in the region, I would win! and i would be leaving the fair promptly after, so neither of us would get in trouble! She obliged, and i left that night with a scooter. That’s when i learned what it was to be cool, and how you win. 

The only people who ever win have a friend in the booth. 

Sit on that one for a while. 

I had so much fun with that scooter. 

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The ideal world I would wanna live in is just like how it is now except everyone is frozen, and they cant move cause I froze ‘em. And like time stops, but rivers keep going. I’d go in everyone’s houses and I’ll drain everyone’s pools, and I’ll skate ‘em. Then I’ll go in everyone’s fridge and make food. Then I’ll dress all the people up like mannequins, and then I’ll get a motorcycle and haul ass down the freeway. Then I’ll like, build a house in the woods if I wanted, lightin’ bonfires on the beach if I wanted. Animals won’t freeze. Only people will freeze. But then if I like, decide to unfreeze someone, they could be unfrozen too.
Josh “Skreech” Sandoval, Professional Skateboarder

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As Promised: The One Waiting

I’m washed out.
I’m coming clean.
You’ve waited for me to say anything.
Now I’m left out
Of your dreams.

Big surprise, Every guy wants to be
By your side
How could I be so blind not to see
The beauty right
In front of me

 Now I see
You’re worth everything
Now I’ll be,
The one waiting.

 “I’ve had enough”
Your lip quivering
You’re being fair, I’m being mean.
How could I expect
You’d want to be with me.

 It’s a long life
And I’m scared to death to live without you
In mine
I wish I understood myself
before you drew this line
Will there be another chance
For me to prove that I
Can be the guy you need.

 Now I see
You’re worth everything
Now I’ll be,
The one waiting.

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Fair Warning:

What you are about to see/hear are 4 songs by 3 artists that are saying things I’m thinking. PREACH!

My addition to this playlist to follow shortly. Keep yer eye’s peeled!

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Thinking about throwing away the key…
What would that mean for you and me?

Who says something of throwing away “The Me?”
Still looking out
Only for myself

You’ve built a palace up around yourself
A mansion of misery
You can’t drain the ocean that keeps me out sea.
You can’t drain the stuff that’s runnin’ all throughout me
Mansion of misery.

Stuck in a vibrating sea
With nothing but some time to think.
My body was an empty shell
With only tool stories to tell.

I’m trapped in these negative vibes
I can’t seem to find the outside
Staying up to watch the sunrise
The hills are alive with the sound of music.

I’m trapped in these negative vibes
I can’t seem to find the outside
Staying up to watch the sunrise
And I can’t find a way to unwind.